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Reliable treatment to comfort your skin

The authentic fermented skin care crafted by Japanese artisans

SOPHISTANCE is born from the craftsmanship of Japanese artisans.

Our unique formula of fermented rice concentrate is created to build balanced states of skin micro-biome which helps reinforce your skin’s protective shield.

We craft our fermented rice concentrate alongside a team of artisans and mature it for more than five years for condensing the potent nutrients and probiotics in the unique brewing method “Hacco.”

This exquisite formula is based on the traditional Japanese recipe inherited over two hundred years. In every SOPHISTANCE product infuses this proprietary component with a symphony of nourishing botanical essences, offering ultimate comfort to any type of skin.

Skin care through fermentation

Approximately 1000 varieties of bacteria live on our skin, working tirelessly to protect it by providing a barrier shield. The more actively they work for us, the better they can live in harmony with any external stimuli, keeping our skin resilient to damage.
However, this flora can be damaged by aging, stress, and an unhealthy lifestyle. Moreover people leading to immature and hyper-sensitive flora.


What is “Hacco” Formula?

Fermentation is a dignified and profound natural process. To make the most of the power that can bestow upon us, Sophistance has chosen to use rice, as it is the power source that has given the Japanese the longest life expectancy in the world.

We use an essence that fully harnesses the nutrients from rice bran. Further, in order to distill its nutrients, the concentrate we produce is matured over 45,000 hours, or approximately five years in our unique brewing method “Hacco.” This method has been created based on a traditional formula inherited for more than 200 years. This is how Sophistance's fermented solution for beauty enhancing probiotics*2 is created. Though it might be at odds with the modern lust for efficiency, our desire is both to protect and improve our traditional recipe.


01 | Ingredients

We have carefully selected and developed not only our fermented formula for beauty enhancing probiotics *2, but also each ingredient that supports its function. Our products contain outstanding plant ingredients including rice, yuzu and apple, as well as hyaluronic acid and ceramide, which are essential for moisturizing the skin. As a result, they strike the perfect balance of natural ingredients and scientific advancements.

02| Function

We have taken the utmost care to ensure that all of our ingredients are easily absorbed by the skin, creating a silky consistency unique to Sophistance. Large ingredient particles have been nano-sized to increase permeability and to ensure a smooth and comfortable feeling as our products adapt to your skin.

03 | Gentle on the skin

All of our products are crafted alongside a team of Japanese artisans and undergo strict allergy tests and stinging tests and are free of the following: mineral oils, parabens, synthetic perfumes, coloring agents, or animal ingredients. Our mission is to provide a product you can trust to be gentle on even the most sensitive skin*3.


Ethical craftsmanship


Be free, be yourself. Sophistance is a natural prescription that offers optimal comfort to any type of skin. It is suitable for all ages and genders. Its packages and scents are simplicity itself, reflected in calm “Wabi-sabi” style.


We perform no animal testing of any kind, whether it is during the development or production phases. We place the highest value on ethical processes that honor both nature and living beings.


We care about the environment and as such use recyclable glass bottles for our main product line. Our packaging is FSC certified and made from environmentally friendly paper including ECF pulp.

We currently use plastic for some of our bottles, caps and pumps, but we are switching to materials which release 0% less CO₂ than standard plastics on incineration. For wood grain caps, we use a specialized and unique printing process available only from one factory in Japan. By utilizing our unique Japanese craftsmanship, we are endeavoring to contribute to the advancement of the manufacture.

*1 Staphylococcus epidermidis
*2 Sophistance's unique rice bran fermented liquid
*3 Our products have passed allergy tests and stinging tests,but it doesn't guarantee that all people are free from skin irritation.